Seashell Smudging Bowl


Decorative and practical seashell smudging bowl


This seashell smudging bowl is handy for resting your smudging sticks, palo santo, incense or herbs during and after your ritual.

You can also get creative and use your seashell smudging bowl as a jewellery holder, a soap holder or for your crystals.

Each item is unique and varies in size.


14 cm – 20 cm


Ceremonie embraces a slow design philosophy that pays homage to method, texture and artisanship. Their one-of-a-kind pieces are centered around circularity, meditation and design. To help build a better future, they upcycle materials that would normally be trashed and use them to create brand new cushions. They aim to help meditators find the right posture and decorate their spaces in a sophisticated way, while honouring the ancient cultures.

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