Crea-Re: brightening your home with recycled paper pulp lampshades

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Let us introduce you to Maria Fiter, the Barcelona-based designer behind Crea-Re studio, who recycles newspaper to hand-make paper pulp lampshades. Her work oscillates between art and design with a focus on the process of creation, the creativity of her ideas and the recycling of unwanted objects. We asked Maria some questions to give you an insight into her creative practice.

How long have you been making paper pulp lampshades?

I have been making paper mache lamps for 8 years now. I was always attracted by the concept of light in the design.

How and why did you decide to start making this particular style of lamps?

I spent some time in a carpentry workshop in the Canary Islands where I began to project the lamps in wood. I fell in love with the natural aspect of the light reflection in the wood and I started to experiment with other natural materials. This is how I started using paper pulp. The huge advantage of this material is its accessibility (you can find it anywhere in the world) and its moldable quality.

Paper pulp can be shaped in any form; the only limit is the designer’s imagination. This is what I like the most in paper mache. This material gives me many possibilities for creativity. I treat the creation of lamps as the creation of a sculpture. The light is a pretext for investigation in the form field.

What are the sources of inspiration for your work?

I am inspired by nature and by the things or moments that are happening in my life. The forms I make are always abstract with some level of resemblance to nature. Those shapes have a meaning for me but I prefer not to give the strict paths of interpretation as it always narrows it down. What makes me happy is the fact that many people see the general idea behind it.

What makes your paper pulp lampshades sustainable?

In my craft I pay serious attention to the sustainability of the lamp creation process and the ecological aspect of the product itself. All my lamps are made with pulped newspapers, water-based and cellulosic glue and natural earth pigments. I don’t use any toxic substances. The molds for my lamps are made with clay and then casted in plaster. I use it many times for making the same lamp shape. As a release agent I use simple grey soap and water to wash the lamp molds. The only waste I produce is gray water. For the packaging use only paper, no plastic is included.

What challenges do you face in your craft?

There are many challenges for me in my work. The one I like the most is connected with my creativity. I love casting difficult lamp shapes and making some specific lamp shapes upon my clients’ request. The final effect always makes me very excited. 

What are you most proud of?

I am proud of being able to do what I actually do. It gives me the feeling of freedom and happiness every day.

Maria’s lamps are wonderful sustainable statement pieces for your home. They bring colour and light into every corner of your living space and will definitely be a talking point for your guests. 

We love finding products that give a new life to pre-loved materials. If you share this passion of ours, you might like to read about another designer we work with, Ceren Tosun of ceremonie, who makes upcycled textile cushions.

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