The journal explores themes that we believe to be central to sustainable interior design and sheds light on what makes a healthy home, both for you and for the environment. Here you can discover eco-friendly designers and tips for decorating your home as sustainably as possible.

Olwin Home Maria Fitter Crea-Re paper pulp lampshade

Crea-Re: brightening your home with recycled paper pulp lampshades

Let us introduce you to Maria Fiter, the Barcelona-based designer behind Crea-Re studio, who recycles newspaper to hand-make paper pulp lampshades. Her work oscillates between art and design with a focus on the process of creation, the creativity of her ideas and the recycling of unwanted objects. We asked Maria some

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Olwin Home Colour affect your mood yello natural home boho chic decor

Can colours affect your mood?

If you feel like you need a change in your home after spending so much time in lockdown, we get it! We strongly believe that a happy and healthy home is key to your physical and emotional wellbeing. It is therefore important to make sure your interior is inspiring and

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Olwin Home Recycled-cotton-macrame-the-hanging-cactus

The Hanging Cactus: Recycled Cotton Macrame

The 1970s macrame trend is making a huge comeback and we love how these wall hangings and plant hangers can effortlessly create a laid-back, bohemian, creative atmosphere. We asked Anna Johnson, the maker behind The Hanging Cactus, some questions about her practice of making recycled cotton macrame. Here is an

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Sustainable christmas gift wrapping and wooden toy

5 tips for a more sustainable Christmas

Everyone loves Christmas. Walking around in the warm glow of beautiful Christmas lights, wearing your Christmas jumper (which you claim to be ridiculous but secretly love), and spending quality time with your family drinking mulled wine… This is how we picture the Christmas period. Now, I hate to be a

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How to reduce exposure to VOCs in your home

Have you heard of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and wondered what on earth they could be? Did you ask yourself why something containing the magic word “organic” could be bad for you? A while back we didn’t know what they were either. Trust me, once we found out we made

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Urban Jungle: how house plants improve well-being

Don’t you love that urban jungle look? We do! Plants are natural, can effortlessly brighten up a room, and have lots of virtues which can do wonders for your physical and mental well-being. We’re so pleased to see that indoor plants are becoming increasingly popular. However, not everything you hear

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Slow Design: what is it and how do you get started?

Slow design is a natural extension of the slow living movement: an alternative lifestyle which emphasises the importance of decreasing the pace of modern life in order to look after ourselves and our environment. Slow design is about taking the time to carefully consider how your interior design choices make you feel, and choosing high-quality, timeless, functional, local, handmade and sustainable homeware.

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